What my students said

I had the pleasure of finding Julia’s brilliant yoga practice online when i was working in Budapest on a film for several weeks. I am a camera Operator so Yoga and stretching is a must for me but my unpredictable schedule rarely allows that i can attend regular classes. Julia’s private sessions were the perfect solution! I was able to so yoga when i wanted and always looked forward to our classes. It got me through the job mentally and physically and i would highly recommend Julia’s practice. Just the right balance of gentle stretching and strengthening with a good meditation thrown in. I’d never done one to one / private yoga before but now it will be hard to go back to classes

Tom Wilkinson

Camera Operator,

“I was taken by Júlia’s personality and sense of humour. Finally a yoga instructor who doesn’t act serious. Besides, my constant back pain subsided already in the first weeks. After 6 months I realised that I was calmer, and it was not as hard anymore to leave my bed in the mornings, and this is an awesome feeling! Oh, and I can finally sit with a straight back. Thank you.”

Erika Tamás

Practicing yoga changed my core and made me more comfortable to be in my skin. I have been through a lots of hard times and bad experiences in my life and even with my career but with yoga with Julia made me feel lighter, so I feel satisfied and grateful. I would recommend this type of yoga to everyone.

S. T.

from Argentina

I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine after gaining some weight recently and Feelgoodyoga is who I have turned to in Budapest. Julia is fun and professional and Im so happy to find a private yoga class in English.
Sara Z. Thomas


With my very busy work life its often impossible to get to a studio. Bringing Yoga to my home one-on-one, especially during a stressful day is amazing and lets me focus 100% on relaxation and meditation without the distraction of the outside world. Perfect Mindfulness, I recommend Julia’s methods to everyone. Home Yoga is the future. Thanks.

D. A.

from England

“To me, Júlia’s yoga sessions are like going to a personal trainer and a kinesiologist at the same time. After the birth of my daugther, I was suffering from depression, and I felt I would be unable to go back to work. Doing yoga two times a week really helps a lot. Another plus is that Júlia helped me put together a 15-minute daily routin yoga exercise. Even if not every day, I use it several times a week to start my day. I love it! What I especially like is the use of aromatic oil during the relaxation; I have never seen this anywhere else before.”

Ági Zalai


Mindfulness and Yoga program at ExxonMobil

In September 2019, I was invited to run a Mindfulness and Yoga program at ExxonMobil at Kinarps House in Budapest, Hungary. Yoga was part of their Ergo Conference Day program, where nearly 100 international and local members learn about Mindfulness and Yoga in an office environment. The 1 hour session was held in English.

Corinthia Hotel Budapest Mindfulness Event

It is a great honour for me that Corinthia Hotel Budapest invited me to conduct a guided relaxation in the Mindfulness Event for their business associates which took place in December 2018 and April 2019.